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Top Five Things to Consider When Choosing your Destination Wedding Location

Congratulations on your engagement!!

It's so exciting that you've chosen to have a destination wedding! Here's a list of the top 5 things to consider while choosing the location for the wedding of your dreams.

Destination Wedding Photography

1. What are the marriage requirements?

Residency: If you're tying the knot in another country, it may require a

"residency" from 1 to 30 days prior to the wedding.

Religious Requirements: Religious requirements differ from denomination to denomination.

Check with your local church, synagogue or mosque to ensure prerequisites are met and destination arrangements are made and documented with your religious office.

2.Important documents:

Required documents may include: passports, birth

certificates, divorce papers or death certificate (if formally married), etc.

3. Who's coming?

Consider who you'd like to invite. For example, if you can't get married

without your sweet grandmother's attendance, will she be able to make the

long flight to Greece?

4. Where's everyone staying?

Are there multiple accommodation options for guests, including an

affordable option? If you're staying at an all inclusive, are there other

affordable hotels or AirBnB options in the area?

5. What's your style?

Have you dreamed of white sand beaches, or have you imagined yourself walking down the long aisle of a european cathedral? Make sure that whatever location you choose, it fits you both perfectly.


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