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Smog Shoppe Wedding Los Angeles California

Molly & Jason's intimate urban jungle wedding is the epitome of laid-back Los Angeles style.

The wedding was held in what was a smog-check center in the 80's. SmogShoppe, which is now a 100% solar-powered, private 6,500 square foot indoor/outdoor haven for desert plants, vertical gardens and chic vintage furnishings was a perfect venue for this couple.

All of the wedding decor was DIY, and everything at the wedding was personalized to showcase the fun and funky personalities of the bride and groom. Her dad even made the cakes! (which happened to be the same chocolate cake he makes every year for her birthday)

Even the couples' wedding rings were handmade by the bride and groom themselves with the help of their jeweler Nick Engel & Co.! From the bride walking down to the "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin, the personal vows the bride used to "roast" her groom, the casual food truck BBQ and snacks, to Arcade games for guests - The "Jolly" wedding was certainly that.

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