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Old World Europe Meets Modern Desert

Soft romantic details and sleek modern elements came together in perfect harmony for this Old World Europe meets modern desert wedding shoot. The juxtaposition of these two different styles created a fresh, inspirational wedding that would be at home in any type of venue. The cherry on top was the highly glamorous attire on the bride and groom, which was so exciting to see against this backdrop where a light, flowy, boho style might be the norm.

To tie the outdoor space and the indoor space together, the floral elements were key, once again bringing together Old World and modern desert. The organic terra-cotta inspired bouquet was created with touches of light pink and cream and was such a romantic addition to the bride's stunner of a sparkling gown. Bud vases of blooms and taper candles lined the tabletop with its modern settings and gauzy napkins. The delicate paper goods, including the personalized wax seals by Ink and Press Co., were carried over from the invitation suite to the personalized champagne labels. Set against the Arizona desert, this venue feels like you've stepped right into a hundreds of years old European villa, completely transporting you to another place and time. Looking at this shoot every element came together in perfect harmony. The inspirational wedding day details are versatile and timless and would be at home in any wedding venue, whether that's a European villa, desert of the Southwest, or anywhere in between.


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