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Ice Lagoon Engagement in Iceland

Outside of Reykjavik, about five hours drive from the city, sits the crown jewel of Iceland, Jokulsarlon. This is home to magnificent sights everywhere you set your gaze, including Diamond Beach, named for the coating of ice that looks like crystals. As if all of that alone wasn't spectacular enough, add sunrise during the winter solstice and it's hard to imagine a more magical setting for a proposal.

Jonathan proposed to Ellen at Jokulsarlon’s Ice Lagoon. Kneeling between the glaciers that head out to the sea he popped the question and placed a stunning diamond, worthy of the Diamond Beach setting, on her hand. One of the most beautiful places in Iceland, and possibly all of the world, to say “Yes” to spending the rest of your life together. In addition to capturing their engagement, the couple and their photographer spent multiple days together photographing various adventures. We'd say this one makes a strong case for Iceland engagements, don't you agree?


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