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Camel Wedding Crashers | Swahili Beach Resort | Kenya

Camel Wedding Crashers | Swahili Beach Resort | Kenya

A tropical oasis on the coast of Kenya, Swahili Beach Resort is a little slice of paradise overlooking the Indian Ocean. Located on Diani Beach, the resort is decorated in a middle eastern style; with beautiful architectural shapes, and suites designed with clean lines and sweeping fabrics. The bride looked like a goddess is her soft, rose Anniel gown and butterfly shoes, beautifully complimented by her groom in textured grey and blue separates. Sartoria Floreale's tropical bouquet and aisle greenery paris perfectly with the local tropical greenery.

After their beachside ceremony the couple perused the beach where they were greeted by passing desert camels, dressed in blush. As if in a movie, the camels were the cutest guests to crash this wedding, where blue sky meets clear water and white sand beaches.


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