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Gorgeous Winter Engagement in Paris

If you're Rom Com fan (okay, who isn't?!), you're going to melt at this real-life love story, in the City of Love. Julia stayed at Lyes’ AirBnB in Paris for a single night, but that was all it took for him to know that she was the one! He offered to show her around the city, which essentially became their first date. Julia had to leave Paris to continue with her travels but the two of them kept in touch and a relationship quickly blossomed. Their love story continued to develop and they eventually moved in together. It was on a warm summer’s night in 2017 when Lyes proposed to Julia in the kitchen of their flat.

For their engagement shoot, the couple took to the streets of the City of Love. With a most unique flowerless bouquet in tow, Julia and Lyes popped from one iconic site to another to bask in their newly engaged bliss and set the stage for a gorgeous wedding to come.


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