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Island of Kauai | Hawaiian Elopement

The island of Kauai is a natural, magical backdrop we could only begin to dream up! Meghan and Sam hiked well over a mile, hand-in-hand, to the perfect location, with breathtaking views overlooking a deep blue sea. The two began to exchange their vows of love, when Sam reached out and gently tucked Meghan's hair behind her ear as it gently whirled in the wind.

Years ago Sam impulsively decided to move somewhere warm while driving his snow plow in New York City. He looked down at his Snapple and asked if the universe would send him a sign. Sam cracked it open; on the inside of the lid, it read "Hawaii is further south than Florida”! Meghan and Sam moved to paradise to live out their dreams. When the two decided to tie the know, they traveled to Kauai for an intimate elopement with breathtaking views.

Kauai Elopement

Hawaii destination wedding


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Hawaii Wedding

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Kauai Island Wedding

Destination Wedding Kauai Hawaii


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