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No Cell Service at your Destination Wedding?...No problem.

How Will My Guests Get Around Without Cell Service?

We've got a tip to help you out. Wedding guests sometimes get nervous with the thought of being with out cell service for your destination wedding. If you think about it, we use our phones SO MUCH...Maps of the area, the best restaurants, step by step directions, and planning meet up locations.

Internet Free Map

We've had great success using the app while traveling without

cell service or internet access. It's very important to download the app and

subsequent maps before leaving for your destination. After downloading

the app, do a search for the city and country in which you will be staying

and download the map for the area you will be in. The map works offline

once downloaded to your phone. It even shows your current location, local

shops and allows you to drop pins! Try it at home before your travel to

make sure you understand how it works. We highly encourage

recommending to your guests once you've tried it out


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