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Pre-Wedding Site Visit Checklist

What should I accomplish on my pre-wedding site visits?

Many of your guests may be using your

wedding as their only vacation for the year. These items will help you

narrow your planning and create a suggestive guide to help your guests

get the most out of your wedding weekend.

Pre-wedding site visit

Ceremony & Reception Location

Scope out ceremony and reception accommodations.

Ensure this is where your dream wedding will come to life.


Try an excursion or two unique to the area; like a guided hike in the

mountains, hatching of baby sea turtles on the beach, a tour of the

city or a zip-line through the forest.


You'll want to try multiple restaurants and bars to recommend

your favorites to your guests and give them somewhere to

go on evenings there are no planned activities.


Make time for at least two forms of entertainment: museum

tour, a play or live local music.


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