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Should I visit the destination before my destination wedding?

You've decided to have a destination wedding. How Exciting!

We highly recommend you take a pre wedding trip to your chosen destination.

We’re sure you’ll begrudgingly plan an extra trip to your dream destination to scope it all out. You’ll need to take at least one but possibly a couple trips to your wedding destination prior to the big day. This trip is key in your planning process to ensure the location of your wedding fits you and your groom's style and all of your wedding needs. Keep in mind: while your wedding is only one day, you and your guests will most likely be at the destination for multiple days.

Some all-inclusive destinations offer a pre wedding stay while others may mean an out of pocket expense. Make sure you factor the stays and travel into your wedding budget.

Here is a list of items you’ll want to accomplish on the preliminary trip(s) to your wedding destination: What should I accomplish on my pre-wedding site visit?


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