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Urban Meets Rustic Minnesota Wedding

For Shanna and Patrick, a couple who grew up spending their summers in cabins by the lake north of the Twin Cities, the little town of Brainerd, Minnesota was perfect spot for their wedding. In addition to choosing a meaningful location, the couple chose to tie the knot on the groom's parents' wedding anniversary.

The rustic vibes of the little city on the lake juxtaposed beautifully with their venue, the historic Northern Pacific event space. The combination of the 1800s era industrial architecture and the ultra glam decor created a completely one of a kind, eclectic event. After exchanging vows outside against the perfectly worn and weathered exterior of the building, the couple and their guests moved inside of the Blacksmith Shop, which was decked out with gold, greenery, and glistening chandeliers. From start to finish the day was absolutely filled with thoughtful details, from the date to the vows, to the sweet favors for their guests. The bride and groom brought together 150 of their nearest and dearest to celebrate with them and the magic of that celebration shines through in each photo from the day.


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